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Tax Work in Irvine, California

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Tax Services & Personal Accountants

At www.taxwork.com, we offer tax resource management and analytics. Our principal goal is to help you reduce your taxes, and pay less than what you owed or paid last year. Our tax services are provided by personal accountants that are fully trained in all aspects of tax work.

Tax Resolution

In addition to providing tax services and personal accountants, we also offer tax resolution services to accommodate you in paying or repaying the government. Our staff is able to help you with installment payments, tax levies and liens, and wage garnishments.

About The Principal

Our Lead Principal Service Provider, Angel Dayan cares about protecting your rights as a taxpayer. He fights to assert your privileges under the law and minimizes your taxes through collaborative advice and strategic tax planning. Angel Dayan writes a weekly tax help column for a local community newspaper and has published numerous articles on taxation. He looks forward to working with you and serving your needs. As CPA in Texas, he is privileged to practice in California by the California Accountancy Act.

Request a service from the tax work professionals by contacting www.taxwork.com in Irvine, California.

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What We Do

Increase your tax refund and plan for future issues with information provided by the tax work professionals in Irvine, California. With more than 25 years of experience, www.taxwork.com provides tax resource management and analytics services. Our goal is to provide you with honest and professional services, while protecting your rights.

In addition to providing you with tax resource management, we also correct the past mistakes you may have made and help you plan well for the future. The notion of preparing taxes has led to managing orientations. Taxes are actually paid as true obligations and now purposely refunded mixed with entitlements that the government gives. We offer a collaborative advice and strategic tax planning in both honorable and reliable tax and accounting work.